"Theatre activities"

Local businesses Urban Scrumpaz and Slo-coach Productions are putting together a day of theatre-related activities for us to enjoy.
Huston’s BLOOMING laboratory
The stage is set…
A large unidentifiable object protrudes the public space of the upper high street. Gusts of neon gas occasionally smoulder from below its walls covering the dim, eerie wailing of unknown beasts within. Crackling laughs its way through the atmosphere while murmurings in the crowd of spotted frog sheep and strange monsters slowly grow into vivid biographies. PC Fenchurch, new on the job and scapegoat for silly call outs has been sent into the midst to prove him-self a worthy officer. His first major investigation leaves him quite giddy with school day reminiscence of Moulder and Scully. Frantic to get to the truth he clambers through the crowd excited for information.
Sergeant Neuterit is too old, too tired and too cynical for silly stories and feels the need to rein his youthful counter-part in.
Jo Bliggs, the local rag man is desperate for a story. His boss is going to fire him unless he gets the scoop. Always one for added extras, he can’t wait to get his mitts on the elaborate truth, recalling interviews with ludicrous drama.
Old Eileen’s been watching that square for donkey’s years and knows there’s something strange in these parts….. The rumbling increases….. The rumbling increases….
All of a sudden the walls cave in, and a strange laboratory shivers inside. And slowly creeps out Monty the super snail. Monty has a keeper. Davinda. She can’t keep her master’s secret any more…..
A flash mob erupts and joins a chorus of marching for snail rights led by the emotionally liberated Davinda while Monty slopes off into the sunset.
1.30pm Herts Inclusive Theatre
2.00pm Cassio Operatic Society
3.00pm The Dantien

Where: Watford Band Stand

When: Saturday 21 June 2014, 11:00 till 16:00

Performers at this event:   

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