"The LP Cafe Day"

16.30-17.00 Team LP DJs 17.00-17.25 Kassai 17.25-17.55 DJ 17.55-18.20 Friedrich and the Dangermen 18.20-18.50 DJ 18.50-19.20 Nervus 19.20-20.10 DJ 20.10-20.50 The Social Club

Where: The Pond Performance Area

When: Saturday 18 June 2016, 16:30 till 21:00

Performers at this event:   

Watford Live! aims to provide a showcase for all aspects of the arts as represented by groups and individuals who live, work or perform within Watford Borough. We aim to get anyone and everyone in the Watford art world to put on or participate in an art-based event.

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