"Is Self Portrait Still Relevant?"

Anotherside - self portrait.

Aim - to promote self awareness whilst developing key creative skills such as composition, use of light and an introduction to the use of concepts.

The course consists of 4 modules. Participants will meet once a week for 1 and a 1/2 hours. Assignments will be given each week and there will be time to share and discuss photographs and experiences.

Module 1 - Is self portrait relevant today? Reasons to make self portrait ie. documentation, self discovery and realisation, the use of oneself as the model. We will be talking about perception and looking at technical difficulties. Artist - Vivien Maier.

Module 2 - The Mundane - we will be looking at mundane objects and activities and how we can re-frame them in order to look at them through new eyes. Technical activity is to play with near and far objects. Artists - Steven Gill, Kawara and Wim Delvoye.

Module 3 - Untitled film stills - we will be looking at 3 aspects of self, inner self awareness, mirror self awareness and self as constructed by input from society i.e.. media and film. We will be looking at Cindy Sherman and how she used herself as the model to create different personas. We will be creating our own 'Untitled film stills' and challenging our conception of self. We will also look at composition.

Module 4 - Definitive self portrait - we will discuss what a definitive self portrait might be. We also focus on how colour can be used to create different effects. Artists - Kirsten Justessen, Rodney Graham and Nan Goldin.

'I got a lot out of the course-I learned about some amazing art photographers that I'd never heard of, I shared my photos and experiences with some really lovely people in the group and I challenged myself both in practical photography skills and the way I see myself in pictures. It's not easy authoring your own self-portraits but I managed to loosen up and gradually enjoy documenting my life'.

Where: Rebel Pebble

When: Tuesday 2 June 2015, 19:00 till 20:30

Performers at this event:   Mimi Wilson   

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